Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Used Outfit

It's wedding season. You got the invititation now you're in panic mode because you don't have anything to wear. You have to buy them a gift and a new outfit but not a lot of money. Before you go over the edge stop, relax, and breath. 

Before you go out shopping I recommend that you go shopping in your closet first. In these four easy steps you will be wedding day ready without spending extra money. 

First look for pieces that you have bought but didn't have no where to go. If you are  like me I am always shopping on the clearance racks looking for sale items. I am guilty of buying pieces just because it's on sale with no where to wear them yet. My favorite line is "I know but did you see the price?" My motto is buy now wear later. 

Second find pieces in your closest that you can mix and match to create a new outfit. So what if you wore it before but you never wore it with that. New doesn't have to mean new things. New could also mean a new way of doing things. The key is breathing new life into and get creative. 

Third accessorize accessorize accessorize. Grab that statement piece necklace and clutch. Don't stop there if you have a belt and it goes why not put it to use and wear it. 

Last but not least the shoes. Every woman should have some of the basic colors shoes in her closet. These colors are black, nude, and a soft pastel color. 

Now you are looking fabulous and ready to show off your new used outfit. 

Here I am wearing a black jump suit, a statement piece necklace, a floral blazer, a gold belt, and soft pink heels. All from my closet. The jump suit, necklace, and belt I had wore before. But the blazer and shoes are pieces that I bought a while ago because they were on sale.