Saturday, March 28, 2015


It is time to bring out the fedoras. This is one of my favorite Spring accessory. Hats are fun you can wear them many ways. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Spring is finally here. Out of the day is my dress from Old Navy and  belt from Ross. My entire outfit only cost me $18.00.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Using my life stories to help encourage others

I am currently enrolled at Lindenwood University LCIE program to obtain my B.A. degree in Communication. I have to say that I am really loving the program. You only attend class one evening a week and the class size is no more than 14 students per teacher. Right now I am finishing up my 12 weeks marketing cluster which I have learn so much. For our final assignment we had to write a marketing plan and then present it in class. We were strongly encourage to base our marketing plan on something that we really wanted to pursue.

What I decided to do my marketing plan on was a no brainier. Of course I did it on Styled by Larinda Image Consulting. I began writing out my vision for the company and my passion became words on paper. I was not so sure how I wanted to approach the presentation aspect of the marketing plan. I had so many ideas running through my mind. One of them was to bring in clothes and accessories on a clothing rack to showcase how I would style them on someone. The other idea I had was to come in like Olivia Pope's character in the hit TV series Scandal and just wow them. Gladiators in suits wearing my white hat and handled it. But as time went on and my head was filled with all sorts of creative ways to present my idea. It was not until the night before that the project was due that the idea of cutting out words and pasting them on a board to make a inspirational mood board came to me. These was just not any words but strong, encouraging, motivational words cut from fashion magazines. I wanted to show them how words can tell a story. Those same words can tell that same story in the way that we dress.

When it comes to public speaking I am not shy I actually enjoyed speaking to help encourage someone. Everyone in class presented their marketing plan and I have to say everyone did a great job. The shocking thing was that everyone was waiting on me to present. As they was up to start or even finishing their presentation they would say "we can not wait to hear what you are going say." I admit I was a little taken back by their response.I did not know whether to say thank you are ask if they was trying to say something like am I joke.

Now it became my time to present my marketing plan. I did not use note cards like everyone else. I spoke from the heart. I had confidence in what I was saying. I became the expert. I was able to speak clearly and informative on the subject. I was also able to answer question that they had quickly. My professor told me that I did a superb job and that her and the class believed that I would be a great motivational speaker and the class agreed. My professor also suggest that I market myself and I need to start speaking at school, churches, and for different groups. This was the second professor and class that suggest that I become a motivational/inspirational speaker.

When I got home and I had time to think about what they had said I was in shock. The reason being is because I  never really thought of myself as a speaker. Yes, I have a lot of life lessons that I can share to help encourage someone. When I was in middle school my 8th grade teacher Mrs. Ford I will never forget her told me that I was curt. Which means rudely brief in speech or abrupt manner. My best friend who I love dearly told me that I can come across harsh that what I am saying is the truth but my deliver is very straightforward. My old co-workers would say that I come off extra and over the top when I talk to them about something that I am passionate about and that my voice gets louder.

So to hear other people say that I inspire them and that they would love to hear more from me. Some have even suggest that I write a book. I am truly honored to be able to share my life stories with others. My journey have just begun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Words are powerful

Being a image consultant is more than just dressing up someone's outer appearance. It is also about the inner person. Teaching you how to love yourself and becoming a whole person. Your clothes tells a story about what you want to say to the world. I made this collage with powerful words to encourage women. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

OOTD Styled by Larinda

I am getting ready for spring. I am so over winter. Loving the sunshine on shining on me. 

Jacket: Torrid
Jumpsuit: Target
Shoes: Express
Handbag: Express

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Target Style

Target clearance once again yes I love Target okay. It's my go to store for everything from household supplies, hair care products, food, and clothes. How can you not love a one stop shop?



Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring tribal print maxi dress from Ross for only $9.99. I love finding great deals for under $10.00.

Style Hunter

Styled by Larinda style hunter was on the hunt again. Some of the best bargains that you can come across are at "going out of business sales". I was walking in the mall spotted DEB Going Out Of Business Sale 60% & 70% off everything must go. I hit the jackpot. Now when you go to these sales all sales are final no returns. So make sure that you examine every little detail before you purchase the pieces that you want. I was in the market for some costume jewelry that I can either where alone or layered. I bought 18  pieces and I only spent drum roll please $56.20. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lip Clutches

I couldn't decide on which one so I did what any normal fashion lover would do and bought both. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bargain Hunting at Nordstrom Rack

So I went into Nordstorm Rack to return a pair of slacks that I couldn't fit and I came out with more stuff. I live for Nordstrom Rack clearance racks. Of course I found some great deals. Plus I came just in time because they just did a markdown on their clearance.







Bargain Hunting at Target

When you go into Target to pick up some household items it's a must that you go back to the clearance section. No matter which Target I go to I have to stop by the clearance section. I have found some really good deals. Check them out below. 





Bargain Hunting at Ross

Anytime that I drive by a Ross I just have to stop and go in. Of course I snatched up some really great deals. I love their prices. 






Bargain Hunting at Burlington Coat Factory

I was on my bargain hunt and i found some great deals at Burlington Coat Factory. Brands like Calvin Klein, BCBG, and Guess all at a really good price. 






Thursday, March 5, 2015

Old Navy's Spring Clearance

My day started out really good. I decided to go to Barnes & Noble bookstore to buy my March issue of Vogue magazine. This particular Barnes & Noble is in a strip mall next door to an Old Navy clothing store. Going to Old Navy was not on my agenda. But when you or a fashionista, fashion blogger, and a image consultant plus you see the bright red sign in the window that says "Spring Clearance" you just have to go in. I went straight to the clearance section and found some good deals. 

Summer Tee $6.49
Shirt $7.99

Vintage Tee $2.99

Dress $11.49

Blouse $.47 yes $.47 this is not a typo 

Sweater $3.47

Pants $10.99
For all seven items I spent a total of $43.42 before taxes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Style Hunt

Style hunting again at one of my favorite stores Nordstom Rack. I found some good deals. 

Vest $22.00

Segolene Pairs hand bag $39.00

Halogen skirt $13.00