Tuesday, July 14, 2015

5 Rules to shopping at discount stores


A guide to shopping at discounts stores

The number one reason why women do not like to shop at discount stores is the clutter. They somehow become overwhelm by the entire clothes shuffle in the tiny space. Let me help you with my 5-point rules in shopping at discounts stores. Not only will these rules at discount stores but you can also apply them to any store on their clearance racks. Lets go shopping!

Rule #1 – Do not shop the entire store

Shop only on the racks that have your size.  Shop only for what you are looking for. If you came in for a certain item then go straight to that section of the store. Shop only on the clearance racks. Even discounts stores have a clearance section with markdowns and take an extra percentage off. 

Rule #2 – Set a price point

Set a price point for what you willing to pay for an item.  You will be amaze at what you find in your price range. For example when I go to discounts stores my price point is $20.00 per clothing item, $30.00 for shoes unless they are some bad ones then I will spend up to $60.00. Jewelry no more than $10.00, and handbags up to $30.00 but it can increase depending on the designer of the bag.

Rule #3 – Keep your eyes and hears open

While you are shopping pay attention and engage with other customers they can help lead you to something cute and in your price point.

Rule #4 – Slowing go through the racks

When going through the racks the first thing that you want to do is slide all the clothes to right then slowly move each item to the left. This is so you will not miss something stuck in there. Sometimes I go through the racks twice just in case I missed something the first time.

Rule #5 – Have fun

Remember to have fun! Shopping is supposed to be fun. I can be therapeutic it is retail therapy.

Tag me @styledbylarinda  of what you bought at the discounts stores I would love to see them. Hashtag #discountdivas  when you post  your pictures to social media.