Thursday, March 5, 2015

Old Navy's Spring Clearance

My day started out really good. I decided to go to Barnes & Noble bookstore to buy my March issue of Vogue magazine. This particular Barnes & Noble is in a strip mall next door to an Old Navy clothing store. Going to Old Navy was not on my agenda. But when you or a fashionista, fashion blogger, and a image consultant plus you see the bright red sign in the window that says "Spring Clearance" you just have to go in. I went straight to the clearance section and found some good deals. 

Summer Tee $6.49
Shirt $7.99

Vintage Tee $2.99

Dress $11.49

Blouse $.47 yes $.47 this is not a typo 

Sweater $3.47

Pants $10.99
For all seven items I spent a total of $43.42 before taxes.