Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When did you fall in love with fashion?

When did you fall in love with fashion? I fell in love with fashion at an early age. When I was a little girl my mom would always dress me in the cutest clothes and I stayed camera ready. I remember playing dolls with my auntie and she would sketch out dresses for my Barbie dolls to wear. My love for fashion kept growing as a little girl when my mom would host fashion shows and she would pull clothes from different stores for the models to wear. She would put me in the show and I loved it. Fashion to me is everything it's your voice to the world. Before you even open your mouth your clothes have already spoke for you. Fashion allows you to make a statement about you are or who you want to be. Dressing up is the fun part. Being a fashion stylist is a way to still play dress up with my dolls the only difference is that they are real.