Thursday, March 13, 2014

Street vs Performance Styling

There is a big difference in street styling and performance styling. Street styling is when you style a client for events that does not have a strict styling code or when your client will be out strolling the streets and get caught by the paparazzi. The look could be anywhere from cut out shorts with heels and tee to a cute dress with a blazer. The stylist should always make sure that their clients are always ready for a mini photo shoot. Performance styling is styling the client for a performance this look would be more costume or trendy depending on the client. This look can be as over the top or fashion forward the possibilities are endless. Just make sure that the look is creative and functional for the client.
The key to styling is to know your client. Research, research, research I can’t say it enough please do your research on your clients, trends, and designers. Pay attention and listen to your client to figure out their styling personality. Yes, fashion has a personality. Are they chic, classy, a trendsetter, or eccentric? What era does your client style best fit in?  Learn your client’s body type and what would make them feel comfortable? Find out your client’s followers base. Their followers look to them for fashion, beauty, and hair trends. The responsibility of the stylist is to highlight the feature or trend of their clients.